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Decades-old PGP bug allowed hackers to spoof just about anyone’s signature

For their entire existence, some of the world's most widely used email encryption tools have been vulnerable to hacks that allowed attackers to spoof the digital signature of just about any person with a public key, a researcher said Wednesday. GnuPG, Enigmail, GPGTools, and python-gnupg have all been updated to patch the critical vulnerability. Enigmail [...]

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The Ars Technica Father’s Day gift guide

Last month, we compiled a few gift-worthy gadgets for Ars readers to grab for Mother's Day. Today, it's Dad's turn. With Father's Day on the horizon, we've once again revisited the many devices that have rolled through the Ars labs in recent months and picked out a list of favorites. The following Father's Day gift [...]

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With possible summit approaching, North Korean espionage hacks continue

As North Korea’s government prepares for a possible summit with US President Donald Trump later this month, hackers working on behalf of the isolated country have continued a volley of network intrusions that target media, aerospace, financial, and critical-infrastructure companies in the US, South Korea, and other nations, researchers in private industry and the federal [...]

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ARM promises laptop-level performance in 2019

  Chip design company ARM has unveiled its latest high performance processor design, the Cortex-A76. The company claims that the new design is 35 percent faster than the current Cortex-A75, making for performance that's comparable with Intel's Skylake i5 processors. ARM licenses both chip designs and the instruction set that the chips use. Apple's smartphones [...]

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In just 24 hours, 5,000 Android devices are conscripted into mining botnet

  A fast-moving botnet that appeared over the weekend has already infected thousands of Android devices with potentially destructive malware that mines digital coins on behalf of the unknown attackers, researchers said. The previously unseen malware driving the botnet has worm-like capabilities that allow it to spread with little or no user interaction required, researchers [...]

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Apple rejects net neutrality testing app

  An iPhone application that attempts to detect whether ISPs are throttling online services was rejected by Apple when its developer tried to get it into the company's App Store. David Choffnes, a Northeastern University professor who researches distributed systems and networking, built an app called "Wehe" that tests the speeds of YouTube, Amazon, NBCSports, [...]

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Comcast accused of demanding $3.5 million “punitive ransom” from rival

  A cable company that competes against Comcast says it was forced "to pay a punitive ransom totaling nearly $3.5 million" in order to keep airing Comcast-owned TV programming. Wave Broadband, which has about 455,000 customers in Washington, Oregon, and California, filed a complaint against Comcast-owned networks with the Federal Communications Commission in December. Comcast-owned [...]

Microsoft extends Windows 10 support period

  In the olden days, Microsoft's support policy for Windows and Office was simple. Each release had five years of mainstream support, during which it received security updates, feature improvements, and stability fixes. That was followed by five more years of extended support, during which time it received security updates only. With Windows 10 and [...]

Tinder must stop charging its older California users more

  The online dating service Tinder must change one of its key monetization strategies. A Los Angeles appellate court reversed a lower court's decision on Monday and told Tinder to stop charging older users more money per month for its "Tinder Plus" service. The proposed class-action lawsuit, filed by Tinder user Allan Candelore in February [...]

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Two new cryptocurrency heists make off with over $400M

  The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has shut down trading and withdrawals from accounts after a reported theft of more than 500 million XEM—the blockchain-based cryptocurrency created by the NEM Foundation. At the time of the theft, 500 million XEM was worth approximately $400 million US. Police were reportedly at Coincheck’s offices. Coincheck announced the shutdown [...]

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