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Vulnerable industrial controls directly connected to Internet?

  Yesterday, Siemens issued an update to a year-old product vulnerability warning for its SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 families of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)—industrial control systems used to remotely monitor and operate manufacturing equipment. The alert, originally issued in December of 2016, was updated on Wednesday to include another version of the S7-400 line. The Department [...]

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iOS 11.3 will be about more than just performance throttling options; AR is the focus

  Today, Apple released a developer preview of iOS 11.3 and previewed iOS 11.3 to the public with a blog post and a press event. As previously reported, some iteration of iOS 11.3 will include the ability to toggle the controversial performance throttling previously implemented to address problems related to aging batteries in the iPhone [...]

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Verizon wont be using tax cut to boost spending on network upgrades

  FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's claim that repealing net neutrality rules will boost network investment didn't get much support from Verizon's latest spending forecast. Verizon's network spending won't change much this year, and the company also won't be using its newfound tax savings to upgrade its broadband networks. Verizon reported $17.2 billion of capital expenditures [...]

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Video demonstrates the marvel of CRT displays at 380,000 fps

  We spend a lot of time reading about the differences between display technologies like LCD and OLED, which, like all display technologies, are built to fool our eyes into seeing things that are only simulated, not real, like colors, or realistic movement. But it helps to see it in action. A video from YouTube [...]

Twitter begins emailing the 677,775 Americans who took Russian election bait

  On Friday, Twitter took an end-of-the-week opportunity to dump some better-late-than-never news onto its userbase. For anybody who followed or engaged with a Twitter account that faked like an American during the 2016 election season but was actually linked to a major Russian propaganda campaign, you're about to get an email. Twitter announced that [...]

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Amazon has made it more expensive to subscribe to Prime

  Amazon on Friday announced that it has raised the price of its Prime membership program for those who subscribe on a month-to-month basis. The plan previously cost $10.99 a month, but it will now cost $12.99 a month. That means the price of subscribing to the monthly Prime plan for a full year has [...]

Meltdown and Spectre: Good news for AMD users, (more) bad news for Intel

  The good news: Microsoft suspended shipping its Spectre and Meltdown Windows patches to owners of AMD systems after some users found that they left their systems unbootable. Microsoft partially lifted the restriction last week, sending the update to newer AMD systems but still leaving the oldest machines unpatched. Now the company has an update [...]

New Android malware with never-before-seen spying capabilities

  Last year, researchers found what at the time was quite possibly the world's most sophisticated espionage app ever written for the Android mobile operating system. Now, in a discovery that underscores the growing arms race among competing malware developers, researchers have uncovered a new Android spying platform that includes location-based audio recording and other [...]

Spectre and Meltdown patches causing trouble attacks get closer

  Applications, operating systems, and firmware all need to be updated to defeat Meltdown and protect against Spectre, two attacks that exploit features of high-performance processors to leak information and undermine system security. The computing industry has been scrambling to respond after news of the problem broke early a few days into the new year. [...]

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After false Hawaii missile notice, FCC launches investigation

On Saturday, January 13, Hawaiians received a terrifying message on their phones, repeated on television and radio stations, which had received a similar alert: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” But actually, it was something of a drill, in that the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) was [...]

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